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Prodicel (Pty) Ltd is an Information Communications Technology and Media company operating in Southern Africa, with Head Offices in Durban (KwaZulu-Natal). We specialise in the provision of Information and Communication Technology and Media products, services, and solutions to corporate and public sector clients. We are qualified to operate highly complex, integrated applications, and to help align critical applications with a client’s evolving strategies and business goals. We offer solutions aimed at key business and IT challenges identified by companies today.

With countless satisfied repeat customers, we continue to deliver services to a wide variety of corporate and public sector clients. Our focus is to provide services and solutions which best suit customer’s needs, budget, and level of complexity. We are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about delivering value adding services and solving technology problems. Our high service standards and product recommendations take the guess work out of technology decisions and help clients get the most from their IT and Media experience. Our common-sense and hands-on approach combines many years of experience in the delivery of IT in integrated systems. The approach has been proven and systematically refined over many years of assisting many companies to assess their current capability and define and implement effective, efficient IT solutions.


We offer solutions aimed at key business and IT challenges identified by companies today

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